Anon gives /r9k/ dating advice

It got taken down, again. Final countdown to unlink has started, cool music. Could have gone with something better though Here’s a site that looks up specific terms in both archived and active threads on 4chan. You can use it to look for Tsuki’s attempts to promote systemspace, there’s about one every two days. Snoop joined Tsuki’s rocketchat server and was given an admin role.

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Armed Robbers Get Away With Car, US$49K, R9K, ZW$7K… In A Movie Style

A look at stories which have been trending with Barbara Friedman. Google is planning to disrupt the way we go about obtaining college degrees. Instead of taking years to complete a university degree Google has launched a a selection of professional courses that teach candidates how to perform in-demand jobs. To tell us more Zain joined by Wahida Parker. Streaming issues? Report here.

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R9K is a pseudo-incelospherian , hikikomori , and astroturfing board on 4chan where, theoretically, users can only post original content due to a software bot that rejects unoriginal content. It turns out when you ask a bunch of lonely weeaboos to create original content it comes out in the form of complaining about not having a girlfriend. This complaining grew so frequent that the board morphed into a board where online dating experiments were done to try to figure out why so many men were sharing similar experiences of not being able to get a single date online for years.

Users of r9k are called robots. Despite some genuine incel discussion, r9k has also served as a place for people to pretend to be incel to trolls incels, and the board contains a lot of anti-incel bad actors, astroturfers , trolls , and volcel misogynists. As it was never a self-identfied incel board there was never any mechanism in place to keep the aforementioned types out.

The board doesn’t prefer using the term ‘incel’ instead preferring the hikikomori term ‘ robot ‘. The board is schizophrenic with regards to it’s attitude towards incels. Nonetheless, perhaps due to the media and Wikipedia admins like GorillaWarfare constantly insisting that 4chan culture is all that the incel label is, there has been a moderate influx of genuine self-identified incel posters.

4chan Is Currently Hacking This Girl After Daring Her Brother To Put On Her Underwear

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please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Anon gives /r9k/ dating advice. Thread starter Mave; Start date Nov 29,

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Michael Camele , Syracuse University. This thesis uses theories of positioning and politeness to analyze a collection of anonymous discussion board posts gathered from 4chan’s ROBOT message board. I provide an overview of 4chan’s history and review recent literature focused on the website. I then examine how users direct gender-based insults at other users within a set of excerpts taken from the larger collection of posts, finding that users who express opposition to misogyny or sexism are identified by others as feminine through the usage of derogatory and misogynistic insults.

Next, I examine a second set of excerpts, demonstrating how a user establishes and maintains her identity across multiple anonymous posts in order to respond to insults directed at her by other users.

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This study will apply first a brief overview of the foundational writings in Internet culture, and then an overview of how meatspace environmental design influences culture. I will use the issue of race as the main specific focus of my discussion, although this work could well address issues such as gender and class if the scope were expanded. I do not at all mean to deny the importance of intersectional evaluations, but that the complications and values in examining one intersection component shine light as to the potential for examining the community in full, accounting for all cultural components.

Both of these avenues are of shared importance to the formation of networked cultures. And it is that where the crux of my interest comes to play. I believe this design-based culture is a very important thing to think about.

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Toronto van attack suspect Alek Minassian gave a four-hour interview to police on April 23, , just hours after he allegedly carried out a deadly rampage on Yonge Street. In this section, Minassian speaks about the image board 4Chan and discussions about “Chads” and “Stacys” and the concept of being “red pilled. But nevertheless, it’s, it’s a friend who’s on 4Chan.

Was he in the same, was he in the same chat rooms? Thomas: Oh, OK, all right, and so how many other people would be in the, in these three particular chat rooms that you’re talking about? Minassian: It doesn’t actually tell you how many are in there at once, because it doesn’t, as a software it’s not actually a chat room, it’s more like a message board where anyone can post at any time by simply going to the thread but they don’t have to stay there. Thomas: Right, so you make a statement and then somebody will answer, or they will reply to that, your statement….

On R9K it’s, they call us space robots. Minassian: Ah the topic is usually frustrations, that an inability to lose one’s virginity, specifically for young males. Minassian: POL, which is politically incorrect is, the general topic is basically political discussions with an alt-right bias. Thomas: Political discussions with an alt-right, so you’re, you’re ultraconservative, or you’re….

Minassian: I actually don’t have any political views.

4chan Dating

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